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Open Skies: An In-Depth Look

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Open Skies"

Painting In-Depth Look

I have been painting Paso Robles for 8 years now, and it is still one of my favorite places to find inspiration.  Although I have spent most of my life in California, growing up in Los Angeles and attending school at Berkeley in northern California, I never drove through the coastal wine country regions of central California until many years after I graduated college.  I had seen the film "Sideways" and the wine tasting adventure looked like so much fun I just had to experience it for myself.  So I ventured for the first time into the idyllic landscapes of Paso Robles.

After spending a weekend in wine country, I was hooked.  I drove back the next month by myself in my camper van and spent a whole week exploring the winding country roads and rural vineyards of Paso.  I was there in the spring, and the vibrant green colors, coastal fogs, and dew-covered hillsides was a joy to behold.  In the years that followed, I returned to Paso during the changing seasons every year, each time finding new colors and compositions to inspire a whole new collection of paintings.  I love painting the rickety wooden fences, the rows of grape vines, and the ancient oak trees alive with character.

I got involved with Studios on the Park, a local artists co-op and I did shows there every October for many years.  I continue to do exhibitions every year with local wineries.  Send me an email to find out when I will be showing in Paso Robles next.  If you have never been, it is definitely worth a visit!  The food is incredible, the town is small and charming, and you will have a blast wine tasting and driving around the rolling hills and vineyards.

The painting "Open Skies" captures the low rolling hills of eastern Paso, with a dramatic sky breaking above the landscape.  This piece captures the soft colors of late fall, when the rains bring forth a dusting of green grass across the summer-burnt hills.  A grove of eucalyptus catches the warm afternoon light from the descending sun.

This is a large painting - almost 7 feet wide and 6 feet tall.  It creates quite an emotional impact when seen in person.  The brush strokes are loose and impressionstic, conveying a sense of movement within the painting. Because of how the brush strokes fit together, the painting has a mosaic, or stained-glass appearance.

"Open Skies" is available to view in person at my gallery in San Diego. The piece has been framed in a soft gold floater frame.

Here is a digital "in-room mockup" of the painting, so you can get a sense of the size of the piece:
Kolob Light in the frame

Open Skies
Oil on canvas, 83 x 72 inches

To purchase this painting, you can visit my website here, or you can email me or call my gallery at (858) 324-4644.  I also have canvas prints available for this painting here.

I hope you enjoyed the in-depth look!

- Erin Hanson


ERIN HANSON is a life-long painter, beginning her study of oils as a young child.  Her passion for natural beauty is seen in her work as she transforms vistas familiar and rare into stunning interpretations of bold color, playful rhythms and raw emotional impact. Her frequent forays into National Parks and other havens of nature include backpacking expeditions, rock climbing, and photo safaris.  Hanson's unique painting style has become known as Open Impressionism, which is now taught in art schools around the world. With thousands of collectors eagerly anticipating her work and millions of followers online, Hanson has become an iconic, driving force in the rebirth of contemporary impressionism, and she is quickly recognized as a prolific, modern master.

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